Just Growing Summery Summary

Just Growing is a program of St. Margaret’s Anglican Church. In 2012 the church built and installed twelve raised garden beds across from the Madison Memorial Lodge. The aim was to learn how to demonstrate our love for God and one another through caring for God’s beautiful creation and each other. Teams of interns and residents in the area have been involved to varying degrees with the planting, maintaining and harvesting of the garden beds. The produce that was grown was donated to Madison, Villa Rosa and Agape Table. The garden beds needed to be moved recently because the land is to be developed.

Tuesday September 1st was lovely and warm bordering on hot. The crew of guys got there at 9:00 am, but there was an earlier crew there to harvest what they could first. Three of the twelve boxes were left in place and the rest were taken over beside the Madison in the shade. The dirt was put back into them with the exception of two boxes that are sitting empty beside the building. The job was done and stuff loaded into the vehicles and ready to leave before noon.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the work. The last three boxes will go to another destination before October 31st.

Stained Glass Window Repairs

Kurt Armstrong, along with Prairie Stained Glass, repaired the centre stained glass window on Oct 30-31. Installed in 1961, the second of the three Leo Mol pieces has been gradually sinking into its windowsill. The fir sill has been rotting for 40 years, and was barely noticeable until the window had sunk low enough to allow daylight through above it. Kurt and Prairie Stained Glass set up scaffold and removed the window, and Kurt cleaned all three windows and repaired the sill. (He saved a piece of the old sill; you’re welcome to see it if you’d like.) The window is now back in place, properly seated, ready for the next 50 years of Manitoba weather.

Below are some photos taken during the work.