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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry
Ministry Area: Pastoral Care

The Church gathers to pray at each worship service through the liturgy. The Church also prays in small groups and in private with and for those in need and in celebration. Below is a list of ministries at St. Margaret’s that are focused on prayer. Confidentiality is fundamental to all these ministries

Prayer Shawl

A small group of people who pray for individuals at St. Margaret’s while knitting or crocheting a Prayer Shawl for them. This group meets weekly (Friday), sharing a lunch and making the shawls. Prayer Shawls are symbolic of God’s presence with and the love of the community for an individual.

Prayer Chain

A small group of people committed to praying for prayer requests in private. Prayer requests are of a varied nature and come from both parishioners and non-parishioners. These requests are kept confidential from the broader church. Requests can be emailed to saintm.prayerchain@gmail.com.

Healing Prayer

A small team of St. Margaret’s parishioners who have received in-depth training in a more intensive type of healing prayer. This is not counselling but an intentional, focused and gentle time of prayer for a person in need of healing. This is by appointment only and is offered to individuals for up to 4 sessions of 1 hour each at the church.

Communion Prayer Teams

These prayer teams are available on Communion Sunday mornings during the worship service, following Communion. Two teams of two people are available each Sunday, one team in the choir room and the other in the Rector’s office. Individuals and families are welcome to come for prayer.

Prayers of the Church

These are weekly prayers offered during the Sunday morning worship service for the wider world, our diocese and leadership, parishioners (rotating through the directory) and requests from parishioners who would like to be prayed for by the church.

Centering Prayer

A weekly meeting (Tuesday pm) of people interested in learning about and practising Centering Prayer, a quiet, contemplative type of prayer, with Lectio Divina, a meditative reading of the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday.

Service of Anointing

This is a unique service liturgy during Sunday evening worship in months when there are five Sundays (approx. 4 x/year). The Service of Anointing is from the Book of Alternative Services. It is open to anyone wishing to be anointed with oil and prayed for during the service.

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