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Youth Ministry


The Saint Margaret’s Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry is designed for those in grade 6 through High School. In order to nourish and develop those who are the future of the Church, we meet every Friday evening to grow in community and Christ. This is accomplished through sport and adventure throughout the evening, before ending with a Compline Service that is led entirely by the youth. As well, those in grade 8 and below are offered Sunday school during the sermon every Sunday morning.

The three pillars of our Youth Ministry are as follows:

Rooted in God
Youth Group is a place where Youth can experience growth in their relationship and their knowledge of God. Through participation in spiritual practices, fellowship, and study we hope to create a space where youth can grow closer with God. We hope this learning and growth will be formed into practical service that the youth will share with others as opportunities arise in the church and community.

Rooted in the Church
It is through the nurturing of this relationship with God that we hope to see a passion for the Church grow as well; both universal and local. We hope to encourage the Youth to engage in their home community by getting them involved around the church, attending Sunday worship services, and having adults within the Community share time with them. We also hope that as the youth explore their home church we might turn their gaze to the Church Universal and the work that is being done around the world.

Rooted in Themselves
It is through growing in this understanding, with their God and church, that we believe we are giving Youth the best opportunity to grow in themselves. As Youth engage with God, church community, and leaders we believe they will have the resources and encouragement to take active steps towards discerning their gifts, addressing their struggles, and pursuing their vocation.

All are welcome to join us on Fridays, which typically last from 7 to 9 in the evening. It is ideal if you contact the email below beforehand, so that we can confirm the time and tell you anything that you need to know or need to bring for the nights activity.

Our email is: youth@saintmargarets.ca

More questions about this ministry? Want to help out? We'd love to hear from you.
Call us at 204.774.9533, send us an email.